#ThrowbackThursday: Star Fox: Assault

#ThrowbackThursday: Star Fox: Assault

Star Fox is one of Nintendo’s weird franchises that rarely has games that receive amazing reception. After Star Fox Adventures came out, people were confused by where Nintendo was taking the series, since Adventures was trying to make Star Fox into a Zelda series. But after that Star Fox: Assault came out and I spent hours playing the campaign and multiplayer with friends. (more…)

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Super Zero- Bad Ass Zombie Apocalypse Short Film Interview

Super Zero- Bad Ass Zombie Apocalypse Short Film Interview

Super Zero- Bad Ass Zombie Apocalypse, Is an awesome short film created and directed by Mitchell Cohen. The short film Is on YouTube, has more than 82,000 views and is about 15 minutes long. I recently got the opportunity to interview Mitchell about Super Zero and here’s what he had to say! (more…)

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#ThrowbackThursday: Pokemon Gold and Silver

#ThrowbackThursday: Pokemon Gold and Silver

When Pokemon first came out into the wild, people got raving about the series. It was a huge commercial success and gamers everywhere fell in love with catching and raising these Pokemon. You would usually think that a sequel to an already amazing game would never be able to top the first, but in this case it did. (more…)

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MINECRAFT Out For N.A. PS4 Owners, Upgrade Option Available

MINECRAFT Out For N.A. PS4 Owners, Upgrade Option Available

PlayStation fans don’t have to wait several months for Minecraft to come out for the PS4! In fact you don’t even have to wait at all, as the PlayStation 4 edition has officially released on the PSN Store! (more…)

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#ThrowbackThursday: Jet Grind Radio OST

#ThrowbackThursday: Jet Grind Radio OST

Jet Grind Radio, a game that I played so much on my Sega Dreamcast when I was a kid. I was thinking about it the other day, as to why I liked it so much. Was it the fun in-line skating, the graffiti tagging, the cool tricks that you can do? Yeah all of those things were awesome to me as a child, but what I remember the most was the rad soundtrack. Combining the musical genres of J-pop, funk,…

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Xbox One And Titanfall Update Now Live

Xbox One And Titanfall Update Now Live

The new Xbox One update started rolling out  a few days ago as per Major Nelson. This ‘September’ update comes out a few days early, and adds a slew of new features including:

  • Party chat upgrades: Party leader can now kick people from party, and can make their party invite only.
  • Media Player app: Ability to play certain media files from an attached USB 2.0/3.0 device.
  • Boot to TV feature: Xbox one…

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GameStop Restocking Refurbished GameCubes For $20

GameStop Restocking Refurbished GameCubes For $20

GamesStop Restocking Refurbished GameCubes For $20. The popular video game retailer, GameStop, has randomly decided to restock more refurbished Nintendo GameCube systems to their stores while supplies last. This restocking actually might not be so random, considering Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS is coming out in the coming months. Super Smash Bros. Meleehas gotten more popular because of this, so

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Amazon aquires Twitch in $970mil buy out

Amazon aquires Twitch in $970mil buy out

Previously we had reported that Google and Youtube were in some serious talks about buying the up and coming service but today, it seems that they were pushed out by another. Following reports of a new company pursuing Twitch, the gamer favorite streaming site, it has been confirmed that Amazon has finally taken the prize. (more…)

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My Top 5 Pokemon Games

My Top 5 Pokemon Games

I Want to Be the Very Best

From its humble beginning on the GameBoy Color in 1996, the Pokemon franchise has been something that most gamers have cherished at some point in time. I remember when I played my first Pokemon game and I was immediately captivated by the epic quest that was taking place in front of me. It became more than just game. I began to care for my Pokemon like they were my own…

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Tearaway Unfolds Onto The PS4

Tearaway Unfolds Onto The PS4

Tearaway, originally released on the PlayStation Vita in late 2013, will be coming to the PS4 soon as an enhanced remastered version. The game is called Tearaway Unfolded and will feature many new changes from the Vita version. (more…)

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