Mega Man X4 And X5 To PS3 And Vita

Mega Man X4 And X5 To PS3 And Vita

Launching in the first half of September, both of these Capcom Mega Man action classics will be available on Sony PS3 and Vita for the first time. A PS4 release has not been announced but if  the PlayStation Now service becomes a widespread reality soon then it would be available to stream digitally. (more…)

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Goodwill opens New Video Game Store

Goodwill opens New Video Game Store

Many people are familiar with Goodwill Industries and its chain of retail thrift stores offering merchandise at a fairly cheap price. Taking a change of focus Goodwill has opened its own retro video game store known as the Grid, offering gamers a single location to purchase retro video game consoles and accessories.


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Denver Gamer Gets “Swatted” While Live-Streaming

Denver Gamer Gets “Swatted” While Live-Streaming

On Wednesday August 27th, a Denver online gamer by the name of Jordan Mathewson, who also goes by his online gaming handle “Kootra”, was “swatted” by police while live-streaming a game of Counter-Strike at work. (more…)

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Tag em!

Tag em!

#ThrowbackThursday: Resident Evil 2

#ThrowbackThursday: Resident Evil 2

Horror as a genre in video games and even movies is one that people either hate or love, there’s no in between.  But for me it’s one of my favorite genres of video gaming. The not knowing whats coming around the corner, or the creepy music and atmosphere. For Retro Thursday, we are talking about our favorite classic horror games. Mine is none either than Resident Evil 2, a game that managed to…

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#ThrowbackThursday: Parasite Eve

This week, we’re focusing on Horror titles for our #ThrowbackThursday, and anyone that knows me, will know that scary and I just don’t mix. When thinking of something to write on, and wondering exactly why that is, I’ve realized that my hate for all things horror stems from the Playstation Interactive Sampler Vol.8 demo disc, released with the original Playstation, and the cinematic for the…

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What’s Going On with the PlayStation Network Now?

What’s Going On with the PlayStation Network Now?

With so much happening in the last couple of days, what does Sony have in store for the PlayStation Network now? (more…)

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Pixel Art For A New Generation Of Gaming.

Pixel Art For A New Generation Of Gaming.

A new era of gaming has dawned on us almost without notice. Only a mere year and a half ago, Sony announced the next generation of console gaming with the PS4. Since then, video games have continued to evolve in both story and graphic fidelity. Interestingly, with these next-gen consoles, developers have also found a way to resurrect the pixel art style in games. What’s the pixel art style? Well,…

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Riot Unveals New League of Legends Champ: Azir

Riot Unveals New League of Legends Champ: Azir

In Riot Games’ newest champion reveal, they have announced the next playable character for their game “League of Legends” known as Azir, the Emperor of the Sands. (more…)

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#ThrowbackThursday: Splatterhouse 3

The horror genre has garnered a ton of interest among video game enthusiasts recently. With the release of the P.T. demo and the reveals of several other games, it’s only appropriate this weeks #tbt features some of our favorite horror games. It turns out, I have a decent amount of history with the horror genre in video games. I played through all of the Resident Evil and Silent Hill games…

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